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Japanese Red Maple by Growing Home Farms

Japanese Red Maple by Growing Home Farms

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Fulfilled by our friends at Growing Home Farms

A spectacular display of different shades of red that transforms as the season changes!


The Japanese Red Maple Tree flaunts a spectacular exhibition of different shades of red for all seasons! It is a multifaceted and exquisite shrub or small tree that transforms magically from rich burgundy to green as it ages. This magnificent tree undergoes different color changes for its foliage for each season. From vibrant red on Spring to reddish purple during Summer, then changes to rosy red as the season switches to Fall. Its leaves grows up to 4 inches and have 5 to 7 symmetric lobes. It has a smooth bark with stems that transforms from green to burgundy then turning to gray with maturity. What makes this aesthetic tree more desirable, especially to homeowners who have a small area, is that you can trim it to your preferred height. This is also a slow-growing tree and would only reach up to 25 feet high with a width of 20 feet at full growth. It grows best with soil that is well-drained and lightly acidic.

  • A Spectacular Display of Shades of Red Leaves
  • Trimmable to Your Preferred Height
  • Perfect For Small Areas

Growing Zones: 5,6,7,8

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