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Butterfly Flowers Spinning Wheels Marigolds

Butterfly Flowers Spinning Wheels Marigolds

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These long blooming heirloom marigolds have dense, short-petaled centers with a pretty fringe of curved petals around the blossom edges. We’ve made a colorful mix of lemon yellow, soft gold and rich orange for bright bouquets.

These branching plants with their attractive crisp, blue-green foliage bloom all summer with big, 2 1/2 inch flowers that literally cover the plants, attracting myriads of butterflies, honeybees and many other pollinators.


Summer/fall bloom
Frost tender



Sow seeds directly into well-worked garden soil in full sun once all danger of frost is past. Space seeds several inches apart and cover about 1/4 inch deep. Keep soil evenly moist while awaiting germination in 7 to 10 days. When seedlings are well established, thin them to a final spacing of 8 to 10 inches apart so these vigorous plants have room to grow and bloom. Extra thinned seedlings can be transplanted easily.



Sow seeds several inches apart in a container of well-drained seed starting mix 4 to 6 weeks before last expected frost date. Cover 1/4 inch deep, keep moist and provide a strong light source until ready to go outside. Transplant 8 to 10 inches apart once weather warms up after gradually acclimating seedlings to outdoor conditions.



These cheerful marigolds are quick to bloom, carefree and non-fussy. Their profusion of long lasting flowers and handsome blue-green foliage is perfect in any sunny spot and makes long blooming handsome borders. Feed and water regularly. No need to pinch these self branching productive plants. Both butterflies and pollinators of all kinds are attracted to these flowers throughout the season.

Cold Winters

Mild Winters


Sow Seeds

Days to Germinate

Mature Height

May - June
April - July
Full Sun

2 – 3 inches apart
1/2 inch deep

7 - 10 days
1 1/2 – 2 feet
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