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Personal Size Watermelons Mini Love

Personal Size Watermelons Mini Love

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All-America winner! Super productive and easy to grow, Mini Love watermelons are perfect for large containers and small gardens. These early bearing, compact vines yield pretty green-striped fruits that are just the right size for individual servings, so watermelon lovers can enjoy having a whole fruit all to themselves. Mini Love’s ruby-red flesh is tender-crisp, sweet and succulent with few seeds. These crack-resistant little beauties are 4-6 inches in diameter, and weigh 3-6 pounds. A wonderful summer garden treat!


Plant heat loving watermelons only when spring weather is warmed and night temperatures are consistently above 55°F (13°C). Amend soil well with aged manure or compost. Sow seeds 1 inch deep and 4 inches apart in slightly mounded hills that are 3 feet apart, sowing 4 or 5 seeds in each hill. Thin to the three strongest seedlings in each hill so plants have room to grow and mature. Or, grow 1 plant per foot in rows.

Sow directly into containers at least 18 inches wide and 12 inches deep. Sow 2 seeds in the center of the pot, then thin to just 1 strong seedling per pot. For larger containers, grow plants at final spacing of 8-10 inches apart.

Protect seedlings from marauding birds with plastic berry baskets, removing before plants get crowded. Feed container plants every other week with a liquid, all-purpose fertilizer. A good mulch will aid shallow rooted watermelon plants, which require ample and consistent moisture in hot dry weather. Avoid overly wet or dry periods for good quality fruit. In hot dry weather, check and water plants in containers daily.

Pick melons when the tendril closest to the fruit turns brown, and the light patch on the bottom of the melon changes from cream to tan. Watermelons keep well in the refrigerator, even after being cut open.

Cold Winters

Mild Winters


Sow Seeds

Days To Germinate

Days To Harvest

May – June
April – June
Full sun
4 inches apart
1 inch deep
7 – 10 days
Approx. 70 days
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