About Us

In 2020 Cedar Valley Family Farm was formed. We started out as a small hobby farm looking to be a part of the movement to grow our own food and live sustainably. During the process we started vermicomposting in a small worm bin inside our garage. Our worm farm started to grow fairly quickly. In 2022 we purchased Wisconsin Red Worms, a commercial worm farm in Richland Center, Wisconsin. We worked the summer of 2022 transporting millions and millions of red wigglers and yards and yards of worm castings to our property in Winona, Minnesota. Today our worms single handedly process horse manure from two large local horse stables, and we still can't feed them enough. In this process, they make worm castings. Worm castings are then used as an organic soil amendment free from commercial chemicals. Their process of composting is truly a gift from God. 

Cedar Valley Family Farm, LLC
Minnesota Red Worms
25024 County Road 9
Winona, MN 55987
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