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Heirloom Herbs Garlic Chives

Heirloom Herbs Garlic Chives

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(Allium tuberosum)
Garlic chives, also called Chinese chives, have slim flat grass-like leaves that taste like a perfect combination of sweet garlic and chives. Just snip them over salads, fresh vegetables, or any savory dish to add a subtle and delicious garlic accent without any of the fuss. The green strappy leaves form neat mounding plants with pretty white edible blossoms. This permanent perennial herb is a joy to have ready at hand a gardening cook’s secret!


Spring/summer/fall harvest
Frost hardy



In the cool weather of early spring, sow clusters of 7 to 10 seeds 8 to 10 inches apart in well-worked, fertile soil in sun or part shade. Cover 1/4 inch deep and press soil firmly over seeds. Keep evenly moist as seeds germinate slowly over several weeks. Emerging seedlings have very slender grass-like leaves that mature into mounds.


In early spring, sow seed thinly in a container of seed starting mix and cover 1/4 inch deep. Keep evenly moist as seedlings slowly emerge and provide a good light source until ready to plant outdoors. Transplant when seedlings are about 2 to 3 inches tall after gradually acclimating plants to outdoor conditions.


Space clusters of 7 to 10 seedlings 8 to 10 inches apart.


Garlic chives grow slowly at first, but soon mature into sturdy bright green mounds crowned with pretty white edible blossoms in late spring and summer. After bloom finishes, shear entire plant back to 4 inches to encourage regrowth of tender new leaves. These hardy, self-sufficient plants are attractive additions to the flower or herb garden.

Plant In


Planting Depth

Space Seeds

Days To Germinate

Mature Height

Feb. – June
Sun or
partial shade
1/4 inch
1 inch
14 – 21 days
1 foot

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