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Heirloom Rainbow Flowers Colorful, Carefree Zinnias

Heirloom Rainbow Flowers Colorful, Carefree Zinnias

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Our special blend of beautiful, free-flowering California Giant double zinnias with dense overlapping petals in a full range of vivid, clear colors. These easy to grow heirlooms provide a rich pollen and nectar source for foraging bees, butterflies and many native pollinators, with plenty for long-lasting bouquets that practically arrange themselves.

Annual, Frost Tender
Ample 26.5 gm. seed covers 400 sq.ft.


Seeds in this canister are packed with a larger quantity of organic rice hulls to help space them. Before opening, shake canister thoroughly to mix.


When spring weather is warm and settled, and nights are reliably above 50°F (10°C), prepare planting area by removing all weeds, grass, stones and large clumps. Loosen the top 2 inches of soil with a digging fork or shovel, then smooth with a flat rake.

Scatter mix thinly and evenly. Using your rake, work to cover the seeds with 1/2 inch of soil, then use planting mix or compost to cover any exposed seed mix. Water thoroughly with a gentle mist.

Protect tiny seedlings from birds by using netting or ribbons of shiny, reflective flash tape at planting time. Keep weeded and watered; when 3 inches tall, remove covering and thin seedlings to 8-10 inches apart for good air circulation and enough elbow room to grow, branch and bloom freely.



For bouquets, pick just as flowers open, cutting long stems well back into the plant to keep them branching. Butterflies, bees, and other native pollinators will seek out and work these pretty flowers that provide them with nectar, pollen and shelter.

Zinnias are carefree and long-lasting, but will thrive and bloom longer with proper thinning, regular watering and several applications of organic fertilizer over their long flowering season.

Cold Winters

Mild Winters


Sow Seeds

Days To Germinate

Mature Height

May - June
April - July
Full sun

Scatter thinly
Cover 1/2 in. deep

7 - 10 days
3 - 3 1/2 ft. tall
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