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Heirloom Radishes Watermelon

Heirloom Radishes Watermelon

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Plant this striking Asian heirloom at midsummer for fall harvesting. The roots will develop sweet flavor and crunchy texture as the weather cools down. The large, 2 to 4 inch roots with pale green exteriors and rich rose-red crunchy flesh are the same color as a perfectly ripe watermelon. The sweet, mild to just slightly peppery flesh is perfect to shred into salads for gorgeous color and flavor, or slice thin for colorful snacks or eye-catching dip holders. Harvested roots keep well stored in the fridge.


Plant watermelon radishes at midsummer for fall harvest only. They size up and get sweeter as temperatures drop at the end of the growing season. Sow seeds in well-worked, fertile soil in full sun. Space seeds 1 inch apart, in rows 6 inches apart. Cover 1/2 inch deep. Keep soil evenly moist and well weeded. If the first sowing comes up unevenly, replant right away.



Thin seedlings early to stand 3 inches apart; Watermelon radishes get big, up to three or even four inches in diameter and need room to size up. These Asian-style radishes grow more slowly than spring radishes, so be sure they have consistent moisture for best quality and flavor. Protect with a barrier of floating row cover if marauding birds or insect pests are a problem.


For best quality, harvest watermelon radishes promptly when sized up 2 to 4 inches in diameter. Note: Interior flesh becomes rosy red when roots are fully mature. Their flavor will be milder and sweeter harvested in cool fall weather. These roots will keep their eating quality for weeks in your refrigerator. For a beautiful and colorful salad, make a plate of very thinly sliced watermelon radishes sprinkled with oil and rice wine vinegar or fresh lemon juice and chopped scallions.

Cold Winters

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Sow Seeds

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Days To Harvest

June – July
June – Aug.
Full sun
1 inch apart
1/2 inch deep
5 – 7 days
Approx. 50 – 70
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