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Long-Standing Spinach Summer Perfection

Long-Standing Spinach Summer Perfection

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This wonderful new premier Dutch variety was bred for especially sweet flavor and a long harvest period in the garden. It stands up well to early summer heat with bright green leaves that have a succulent, crunchy texture and extraordinarily clean, sweet flavor you’ll love. The upright leaves are easy to harvest and perfect steamed, sautéed or in fresh spinach salad. Plant again for ample fall harvests as Summer Perfection withstands autumn frosts for great cool weather greens.


In early spring when danger of hard frost is over, sow seeds in well-worked fertile soil in full sun. Sow seeds 1 inch apart and 1/2 inch deep in rows 10 inches apart, or broadcast thinly for bed planting. Be sure to firm soil well over seeds to ensure good germination. If first sowing germinates unevenly, plant more seeds as they will catch up fast.


Spinach is most productive grown in cool spring conditions and sown again in late summer for a fall crop. After seedlings reach 2 to 3 inches tall, thin out every other plant (and enjoy in early salads) and keep thinning in this fashion until plants are spaced 5 or 6 inches apart. Keep the shallow rooted plants well weeded and watered. Spinach is a heavy feeder so fertilize several times with fish emulsion solution for best harvests.


There are two methods for harvesting spinach: either cut the entire plant 1 inch or so above the base once plants are 4 or 5 inches tall, or wait until plants are well established and harvest just the outer leaves, leaving at least 4 center leaves so plant will continue to grow. Water and fertilize after cutting and plants will provide 2 or 3 pickings before weather gets too warm and spinach begins to go to seed.

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Planting Depth

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Days To Germination

Days To Harvest

Feb. – May
Aug. – Sept.
Full sun
1/2 inch
1 inch
5 – 10 days
Approx. 40
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